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Battlestar Galactica Fanmix

Because Music Matters

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Welcome to BSG Mix. A place where fans of Battlestar Galactica can show off and share their fanmixes. Based on fanmix.

What's a fanmix? A music mix...made by a fan. Self explanatory really.

The posts are locked and requests to join will be answered within a day. Just trying to keep the comm safe (and running).

Rules and shit:

- Any and every character/pairing welcome - as long as it's BSG-related. Be it a about Leoben or the residents of Caprica...it's all shiny. BSG-actors and their other work is also fine. But keep it respectful, please?

- Old School BSG is also welcome! Mock if you like, but without that, v2.0 wouldn't exist.

- Hate mixes...not gonna say no (aside from actor hate mixes), but any phenomenal amounts of fanwank and they'll be banned. Along with the wankers.

- LJ-cut. Easy as typing enter fanmix info and such here. Just saves space and looks much nicer. Really.not.that.hard.

- One mix per post.

- Subject line subject - title. Example: Lee/Kara - Pilot Love.

- Please have all songs named correctly. It's annoying not knowing what song is what. A little effort, but well worth it if you want people to listen.

- Coverart is nice, but not necessary. Just something nice and squared if you're bothered.

- Remember not every country is up to the same episode as the US. So spoiler warnings ahead - anything Razor/season four is considered a spoiler. If you haven't seen season three or anything previously, tough shit! How about you stay off the net?

- No off-topic posts please. There's a ton of BSG comms out there all dealing with various topics. Go find one.

- Comment if you see something you like. Fanmixes take time and effort to make. Make it worth the creator's while.

- Any songs welcome. Including those from either BSG soundtrack. Just upload them somewhere, don't simply list.

- Finally, play nice. If you don't have anything nice to say...you'll get banned.

Resources and such: If you have a good resource for anything (pictures especially), let us know.

Windows has a self-zip for those not 'l33t' enough to own a Mac.

Any torrent site anywhere.

GIMP (Free photoshop)
BSG Caps.com
Microsoft paint if you're desperate.


If you wish to be an affilate, just ask. Any questions or issues or such, email fandom.geek@gmail.com

Btw...We don't claim any responsibility for sharing music. Everyone does it, get over it.