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See the Sun - A Lee Adama fanmix

Mixer: wand3rlust 
Tracks: 17
Length: 1 hr 10 mins
File Size: 97mb total
Summary: LELAND!! A look at several aspects of his life and the relationships with people in his life.

I know it's kinda wrong to toot your own horn and all, but I'm extremely proud of this mix. I love the mood and cohesiveness of the music throughout the mix. While it's a little on the melancholy side, it never becomes too angsty in my opinion.

This mix was a challenge to myself to find Lee specific songs. I already had a list a mile long of Kara songs (I'm still working on her mix), so I was excited to hunt through my music library and poke around online to find music that reminds me of our favorite flyboy. I now can say my Lee play list is nearly as long as my Kara play list. In fact, I had a hell of a time just cutting this mix down to 17 songs. Needless to say I predict more Lee mixes in the future. :) I really hope you guys enjoy this one. There's not a single song in this mix that feels like filler to me - then again I am a little biased. :p

Spoilers: These are mostly character related songs and don't relate much to the over all plot of the show, however I do discuss topics brought up through the entire series that relate to Lee.

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P.S. If the cover art looks familiar at all it's because it was directly inspired by the"Back from Earth" EP by Awolnation. I highly recommend the EP also - though sadly none of the songs are in this particular mix.

Cover Art screencap

Onto the Good Stuff
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