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PARALLELS - This Boy | This Girl - Kare & Lee

Uhm, I think I’m addicted to making fanmixes! haha Well, this one is a character study famix. Spoilers for the entire series simply because I explain aspects of both Kara's and Lee’s backgrounds which are revealed in spurts throughout the series. But honestly nothing TOO spoilery for the actual plot itself, if that makes sense...?

Summary: I see Kara and Lee as two sides of the same coin having very parallel kind of lives, experiences, etc- even if they might react to them a little differently. So this is my attempt to highlight how they’re linked in other ways besides their friendship/relationship.Which  is the heart of the reason why they completely understand each other and in that same respect know just how to push each other’s buttons.

14 Songs Total!   (
Download and Song Descriptions @ My LJ)
Tags: kara thrace, lee adama, lee/kara
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